I am a coach by ICF standards
and MasterMind moderator
BA in Psychology & Sociology

Coach for those who want
to live meaningful life with joy

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About me

Welcome to my page! My name is Maria Kovaleva. I`m a life coach working with women in relationships and helping them to center themselves in realization of their potential and living meaningful lives, by joy. If you are here, I believe you are working on personal growth and realization of your talents, your dreams – you want to live this life in full!

As a professional coach, and a psychologist by education, I can help you with detecting and overcoming the biases, limiting believes and other traps of your mind. In partnership, we will find your strengths and I will help you to cover the distance from now and to the place where your soul wants to be.

As a woman who has experience of immigration, divorce and second marriage, change of career, building my practice with a baby in my hands, I know how difficult the road to your dreams can be, and how important it is to have support and understanding of another woman.

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No Judgement

There are no
wrong request


I respect your
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Individual coach-sessions by ICF (International Coaching Federation) standards. In partnership, we examine the current situation (Point A) and the goal, where you would like to be (Point B). During our coaching work you find the missing piece of the puzzle – something that should be changed in you or the world around you in order to reach Point B.

The unique nature of coaching method is that the client receives the undivided attention to his or her situation from a person who is trained in active listening, without judging and interpretation, who can ask important, sometimes uncomfortable, questions, which allow the client to understand himself or herself on the deeper level and start the actions towards the dreams or goals.

We gain ongoing clarity on the outcomes you’d like at each meeting. A typical session begins with an important question: What do you want to accomplish and walk away with from our meeting today? Subsequent sessions will be spent evaluating your progress (what works, what are stuck points), assessing your progress and developing an action plan that allows you to move forward.

Sample requests


Want to
feel happy


How to start feeling
in your place

Make money

With what you love,
not just have job


Avoid it or
live through it

Something wrong

In my life, but I cannot
get what exactly


Get energy and
beauty back

Tired of the routine

Want to change life
but afraid to do it



3 Sessions


5 Sessions


10 Sessions


60-90 minutes



Mastermind is a group format of helping each participant through shared knowledge and experience.

The environment of the mastermind is created on principles of equality, mutual interest, confidentiality, mutual respect, active search for solutions.

What if on your way to changes in life you have your own support group? This is the group of like minded people with similar interests, views, goals, who not only want good for you, but also motivate you in your personal growth and development.

1.5-2 hours

5-7 people

1-2 times per month



5 Meetings


Reviews from clients

I had two coaching sessions with Marie. My request was initially extensive and the first session helped to ask the necessary questions to myself, about my desires. After the first session I took a sufficient pause to better undestand myself. Before the second session, I began to form an undestanding of what I really want. The request was very voluminous, covering broader than coaching, the field of psychology. Together with Maria, I managed to formulate a desire and discuss ways. Thanks to Maria for defining the boundaries and the main goal.

Alena N.

Maria, thank you for the session! I was very comfortable during the session, could feel your support thanks to your excellent questions! Now I have an understanding how to move on. It was very precious to realize what is the most important for me now. Thank you!

Alyona K.

I took 3 session contract to figure out my ideas concerning further devepment of my instagram presense. How nice and useful it was! They say a coach is a person to bounce your thoughts off, and bouncing my thoughts off Maria was simply excellent! I advanced a lot with my request and found clarity about what to do next. Another important thing is Maria's sincere concern and support, thank you for that very much too!

Julia S.